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These are two layouts built in the UK by Norman Raven. At the moment 'Katamitu' is touring the model railway exhbition circuit, mainly in the north of England and Scotland. 'Katami' was built first and was sold off after a few years, its successor 'Katamitu', literally 'Katami 2' has been built with some lessons learned from 'Katami'.

'Katami'  depicts a small junction station, situated somewhere in Northern Honshu or Hokkaido, it is set in the early 1970s period, with steam locos still running. As you can see Norman likes to model winter scenery. He used a special technique to model the light dusting of snow. The track on Katami is British made Peco track, which certainly looks convincing. Some structures are Kato or Tomix, others are scratchbuilt.

The left-hand side of 'Katami', the snow is done very nicely.
A lengthwise overview of 'Katami'

As mentioned above, Katami has been superseeded by 'Katamitu', which is certainly not Japanese. It's name is a word play on 'Katami 2'. Katamitu is larger than Katami and has a different track plan. Katamitu depicts a station somewhere in Northern Japan. It's a terminus for services from a nearby city and there are through passenger and freight trains.  The station has no passing loop, which seems a bit funny to me.  The snow is simply baby powder, which is mixed with ground glitter to get that glinstering effect of real snow. After a show, Katamitu has made its mark by all the powder that has come off! Track on Katamitu is Kato Unitrack, control is by a Gaugemaster 'Combi' unit. Operations are very simple. A nice touch is the Kato level crossing with operating bell.

Katamitu 1 Trains on 'Katamitu' , the snow is heavier than on 'Katami'
Katamitu 2 A freight train in the snow.
Katamitu 3 Katamitu station, lost in a world full of snow, ehhh baby powder.

Photographs by Norman Raven (Katami) and Mark Veneman (Katamitu)

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