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This layout was built by Davy Cormack from Scotland in his garage. He made the garage into a spacious room for a model railway and left his car outside. The garage was then filled with baseboards and on the baseboards a fine Japanese outline model railway was built. At the time of writing the layout is dismantled and a new one will be built.

Meanwhile, Davy built his new layout in the garden! Part of it can be seen as the 'Bonus Layout', see layouts overview page. (Use the 'Back' button of your browser.)

This photo gives an overview of the station. As you can see the station is on two levels. The lower level represents 3'6" gauge lines (1067mm track gauge), the upper level represents 4'8" gauge lines (1435mm gauge, private railways in Japan)

The layout depicts no particular area, period or operator, on the photo you can see trains of JR, Seibu and Meitetsu. Can you find out which train belongs to which operator?

This rather dark photo gives you an idea of the steam loco depot. You can easily see the turntable and coaling tower tracks. An ashpit can be seen on the extreme left.

All photos by Davy Cormack

Scans by Mark Veneman

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