"Yama-no-yu sen"

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This layout was built by a British diplomat during his stay in Japan. The layout has exactly the size of a Tatami, a traditional Japanese straw mat, used to cover the floors in Japanese homes. The layout cleverly uses winding tracks, bridges and tunnels to make maximum use of the space available (less than a 4x8' layout!). The track used is Peco Streamline code 80. All turnouts are remote controlled from a central control panel.


An overview of the station and its surroundings.

The hot spa building, used for bathing and dressing. The hot spring itself is outdoors! Men and women bathe together in the hot water, warmed by volcanic activity. The house is used for an initial bath with soap, then the bathers wash off all soap before they put on their swimwear and plunge into the hot pool outside. Usually men and women are seperated using the indoor facilities, but this was introduced quite recently - after the end of World War II !!

A view in the town high street.

An aerial view of the station. Mind the footbridge and seperate platforms for upbound and downbound trains.

A farmhouse made from a Tomix kit after a weathering treatment. The bottle on the right contained Kirin beer, which was happily consumed after the photo and soldering session which was intended to be a running session.

On this photo you can see some of the bridges and tunnels used on this nice little layout

Text, photos and scans by Mark Veneman

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