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This is a non-permanent layout used by George Swainston for casual promotion activities. It has been on display on several exhibitions in the UK and is still available for shows in the southern parts of the UK. The photos show the layouts very simple constrcution, just Tomix sectional track and viaduct sections. A wide range of Japanese trains can be seen, including many Shinkansen trains. Enjoy the pictures!

An overview of the table-top layout. The tables are provided by the exhibition organisers. The case in the front contains a replica of the work's plate of the first steam locomotive in Japan, built in 1872 by Vulcan Foundry, Newton-le-Willows, England

Some Japanese trains, from left to right an 883 Kamome EMU, 0 series Shinkansen, 100 series Shinkansen, 300 series Shinkansen, EF200 electric freight loco, 700 series Shinkansen.

Another overview of the layout

A 500 series and a 100 series Shinakansen train passing at a station.

A bird's eye view of the station.

A line-up of Shinkansen trains, from old to new.

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