Japanese Railway Modelling by Mark Veneman


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butrood Modelling An introduction to modelling scales, manufacturers and modelling themes commonly used in Japan. Included are thoughts on model railway control and links to manufacturers.

butgroen Layouts This section describes a few Japanese outline layouts. Most are in N-scale.

butgeel Modeller's Corner Here you can find some do-it-yourself projects and lots of useful information.

butblauw Train Simulators Information on 'Densha de Go!' and other Japanese train simulators.

butzwart Various Mainly links to clubs, magazines and other places of interest.

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Enjoy your journey through the fascinating world of railway modelling!

news The model news page. A quick overview of everything that is announced by the various manufactures plus site updates etc.

Disclaimer: All information on these pages is written with the greatest possible care. However, some information may be wrong due to translation mistakes and other mishaps. Please let me know if you find such a mistake.

Modelling: Some examples of do-it-yourself modelling are given. You are encouraged to do your own projects following the guidelines in the relevant articles. Neither the author of these pages nor the builder of the original models can be held responsible for disappointing results, injuries and other accidents and following damage.


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