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Believe it or not, the models shown below are made of card!

In fact, card is one of the most versatile modelling materials, it has many advantages. It is relatively cheap, easy to use with simple tools. It is also stronger than you think and it can be finished in many ways using paint etc.

All models shown on this page are built to Japanese H0-scale (1:80) and run on standard H0-scale track (16.5mm). They are also all motored and run well.

A motor car used by the Keihan raliway on urban routes, note the trolley-poles!

A smaller city-type tram car.

Again a tram car, this time a larger example, used on interurban services.

A railway-type power car, unfortunately I do not know to which railway the prototype belongs.

Again a tram car, a small bogie type.

Again the motor car. Cars like the used to run in fixed formations ranging from single cars to 11 car trains. This car is configured for single-car operation, see the headlights on both ends.

This car is built after a prototype that is used on the famous Hakone Tozan Railway, a tourist route near Odawara. Mt.Fuji is nearby the route where these cars run, even today!

Trains like these ran through the streets of Kyoto until 1996. Since then they have been replaced by an underground route, a joint operation between the Keihan Railway and Kyoto Underground. On this new route modern 4-car trains are used.

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