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Here you can find models of individual trains, locomotives, tram cars, structures etc. You will also find useful modelling tips, in particular when you are modelling Japanese prototype, but some tips are universal and applicable to all layouts. There will be a strong bias towards 'N'-scale, just because I do most of my modelling in that scale. You will also find models in other scales, H0 and 1:50 scales in particular.

Enjoy the models!

Card models, as seen on the 2000 AGM of the Japanese Railway Society

A model of a 419 class EMU, built by Bob Hunter, the model is built in N-scale using Kato components

Information for all those modellers who want to achieve a more realistic operation using Micro-Trains couplers.

TN couplers, by Tomix, information on the system and a few conversions.

An easy way to make beautiful trees for your layout.

You can't do any modelling without good tools.

Modifying the side frames of Micro Ace's ED73 electric loco.

All modelling articles by Mark Veneman, unless stated otherwise

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