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Being aimed at the more advanced modeller, who likes to assemble kits, Green Max models seem to the perfect match for your choice of coupler. Being an advanced modeller the choice is obvious: the coupler should be an MT.

Judging from the Green Max catalogue, fitting MT couplers should be no problem. The bogies all have a rapido coupler that is very similar to the one factory-fitted on Kato wagons and coaches. So an MT #1128 or in some cases #1129 would fit. Of course it would be possible to fit a body-mounted MT coupler. Best option would be to check if #1015 would fit. If you cut of the rapido coupler pocket there will be space to fit the body-mounted coupler pocket of the MT #1015. I have done this conversion on a number of Kato wagons and see no big problems why MT #1015 should not fit a Green Max model.

The Green Max range includes many kits of EMU's and DMU's. Usually these do not need an MT coupler. There are very nice 'scharfenberg' type couplers in the Tomix range. As these are multiple-unit type couplers, you could try to fit them on a Green Max model. Newer Green Max EMU kits accept Tomix 'TN' style couplers, useful as couplers within a fixed rake. These couplers have no slack, thus reducing the risk of a derailment. Newer Green Max models have mounting pegs for the Tomix 'TN' type couplers.

Other Japanese manufacturers often use chassis parts made by either Kato, Tomix or Green Max, so please refer to these manufacturers for the MT conversion information. As these pages are still more or less 'under construction', there will be the option of adding new information. If you have converted a model not mentioned on these pages, please write me a message with a description how you made it. I will then add it to the appropiate page.

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