Overview of Tomix TN Couplers

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Above you can see all available TN couplers, from left to right #0331, 0332, 0333, 0334, 0335, 0371, 0372, 0381, 0391 and 0392. #0331 to 0372 have a close-coupling system and are basically meant for multiple-unit trains. The coupler shank moves in and out according to the curve radius. #0381 and 0391 are meant for mounting in the existing coupler pocket, #0381 being a Scharfenberg automatic coupler type and #0391 is a buckeye type, used on loco-hauled rolling stock including freight wagons. #0392 is a replacement for the magnetically uncoupling rapido coupler that is found on most older Tomix locos. Newer Tomix locos (ED61, ED62, EF63, EF81, EF210, EH500) have a different TN coupler that is supplied with the loco.

** Note: Tomix TN coupler # 0371 has been replaced by # 0374 from 2010 onwards. It seems that it is just a new nember for the same item. # 0373 is a new coupler suited for the newer Tomix coach models (from 2009 onwards) # 0373 has a narrower mounting base than other TN-couplers to clear the recessed doors of the coaches. Details can be found in the instruction leaflet supplied with your model, read this first before ordering TN-couplers! # 0375 is a grey-coloured version of # 0374 **

Other manufacturers

There are a few manufacturers, others than Tomix that have made provisions for mounting Tomix TN couplers. Among these are Micro Ace, Modemo and Green Max (newer models only). Micro Ace models are even made to take the Tomix interior lighting units.

Text and scans by Mark Veneman

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