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Tomix offers 6 diiferent controllers, ranging from a very simple 5 fixed step controller to a cab-style controller including digital sound. Additional items are the level crossing, block signals and point controllers. 4 of the 6 controllers have a 'TCS' output to power the level crossing and block signals. Connectors for point switches are located on the left of all controllers, apart from the basic controller.

Tomix 5503 5503 is a very basic controller that is included in the 'Thomas' sets, aimed at the youngest railfans. This controller has only one five speed step controlled 0-12 V DC output. No further outputs are available. I do not recommend this controller for serious operating.

Tomix 5501 5501 is a basic controller with two outputs: one 0-12 V DC rated at 500 mA for trains and one 12 V DC output for points at the left of the controller. Point control swithes plug in at the left. The big knob controls both speed and direction. Little is known about the control characteristics of this controller.

Tomix 5504 Point control switches plug in at the left.

Ref. nr. 5504 is a modern lever-style controller. This controller has 3 outputs: 0-12 V DC @ 500 mA, one fixed 12V DC oputput for TCS accesories and one 12 V DC output for points at the left of the controller. This controller offers good control, but is a bit hard to use at slow speeds.

Tomix 5502 Back of Tomix 5502 controller 5502 is the top of the normal controller range. This controller again has 3 outputs. 0-12 V DC @ 700 mA, 12 V fixed DC for TCS accesories @ 200mA and 12 V DC @ 300mA for points. Point control switches plug in at the left. This unit has 'CL' high-frequency lighting as an added bonus. Locos and MUs fitted with 'CL' units can have their lights on when standing still. Some Tomix locos and MUs have CL lighting factory fitted. This controller offers excellent control and very smooth starts. An introduction to this controller can be found here [5502 controller].

Tomix 5512 5512 is a cab-style controller, which offers you the feel of driving a real train. The controls are modelled after older style EMUs. Control is very smooth and a 'CL' circuit is fitted. The controller has to 0-12 V DC outputs total output is 1200 mA, driven by the same electronics inside, but with seperate direction switches. This enables you to use a reverse loop without complicated wiring. Further outputs are a fixed 12 V DC for TCS accessories and the 12 V DC output for points at the left side of the unit.

Tomix 5521 Back of Tomix 5521 sound controller.

This is the top unit of the Tomix controller range. This unit has digitally recorded sound effects. The pedal is used to sound the horn! Control is very smooth and the sound effects are stunning! Outputs are the usual 0-12 V DC @ 1200mA, again doubled for reverse loops, 12 V fixed DC for TCS accessories and 12 V DC for points at the left. This unit has inputs too. Sensors can be plugged in to activate sound effects, like the bridge, tunnel, level crossing and horn sounds.

Sound effects

This unit has different sound effects:

Train sounds: class 73-73 EMU, 165 + 485 EMU, E231 EMU, E501 EMU, class 373 + 207 + 209 EMU, class KiHa 58 DMU, class KiHa 120 DMU. class DD51 diesel loco, class EF66 elecric loco.

Horn sounds: air horn, electric horn (low pitch), electric horn (high pitch) , KiHa 120 horn, DD51 air whistle, electric loco air whistle. Horn sounds can be triggered by track sensors.

Sound effects that affect the train sound: bridge (stronger sound, strong echo), tunnel (sound is muted, little echo). These can also be triggered by track sensors.

Additional sound effects: level crossing electric bell, platform announcement; can be triggered by track sensors.

Tomix track sensor ref. 5553 for the old brown track. A grey version is available as ref. 5558.

** WARNING ** 

All Tomix 'CL' featured controllers have an actual output of  20 kHz 12-volt square pulses with Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) to control the average voltage level. This power form can light the train while stopped, while still providing speed control. It provides excellent slow speed control, but reportedly can damage some DCC decoders. A friend of mine has experienced this with a Lenz XF-077 fitted Tomix EF81, one run on a Tomix 5502 controller damaged the output stage of the DCC-decoder.


For some extra information on the Tomix control system please take a look at the EasyTrolley Modelers' Site, including the older green controllers and almost all accessories.

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