JAM 2001 convention

The JAM is one of the very few nationwide railway modelling organisations in Japan. In 2000 and 2001 the JAM organised a convention in Tokyo for both active modellers and the general public, and due to good co-operation with the major manufacturers special models are sold at the convention and nowhere else. At such a convention there is usually a lot to see. Your author was not able to attend in person, but received a few photos over the Web. A new event will take place from 16-18 August 2002! The convention will be held at the 'Tokyo Big Sight' exhibition centre in Tokyo, Japan. Entrance is 1200 Yen for adults and 600 Yen for children. More information on the JAM Website.


A model of an oil refenery built on a module of about 1.20 metres long. American modelling practice is evident. The whole structure is very detailed as you can see in the photo below. The structure is built in N-scale (1:150) and many commercial parts are used in its construction.


Some details of the refinery complex. The large grey building at the rear is painted on the backdrop, giving the impression of a much larger industrial complex than possible otherwise on the size of the module.


A small diorama depicting the famous Usui pass section of the Shin-Etsu mainline. I believe this diorama was built for Tomix to show off their range of n-scale models that were used on this spectacular route. The train on the viaduct is made up of one Tomix 489 EMU and two EF63 electric locos, also made by Tomix.


This young lady welcomes everyone interested in Microsoft's Train Simulator. Computer simulations of trains are very popular and are available for a wide variety of platforms, ranging from hand-held game console via PC to arcade game machines.


This a true micro layout, it is dispalyed here on a small stool. The scale is about HOe (HO scale narrow-gauge) and the train actually runs on its small oval of track. Such layouts are usually completely scratchbuilt. In France there is an annual competition to build these small layouts for the 'Expometrique' model railway show. I think this one would qualify for an award at 'Expometrique'.


A nice piece of work, a corner module in a larger modular layout. In Japan building model railway modules became popular due to the lack of space. This particular module has a double-track mainline and a seperate oval on a lower level with a passing loop and a rail-served coal mine. The scenery is very well done, with a nice river and nice varied greenery.


Brass is the traditional material for building railway models in Japan. Making brass objects has a long tradition that started before the first railway in Japan was built. This piece of art is a C62 express steam locomotive in the unusual 1:120 scale running on 9 mm gauge track. The scale / track gauge ratio is about correct and the loco has full cab interior, opening smokebox door and I expect that it runs as good as it looks.

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Photos by Steve Waterfield

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