The JAM 2002 Convention

2002 saw the third issue of the JAM Convention. The venue was the same as in 2001, the Tokyo Big Sight exhibition centre in Tokoy's waterfront area. All major model manufacturers were represented with Micro Ace and Tomix drawing most attention. There were several layouts on display, most of the popular module styles. Dave Fossett viited the show and took all photographs. Enjoy them!

An overview of the exhibition hall.

New Tomix items

443 class test train.

Tokyu 5000 class EMU

Shown above are two of Tomix' new items for the months to come. The 443 class test train is out now, the Tokyu 5000 class EMU will be out early 2003. Other new items by Tomix are teh 'Fine Track' track range and the 'Power and Sound' controller which is simply awesome. Other new items are new 'booksets' and add-on coaches for EMU trains.

New Micro Ace items

The new JR Hokkaido 283 class DMU, the paint schem has not yet been apllied.

One half of the DD50 class diesel loco.

New Green Max items

Green Max showed their first ready-to-run model, the JR Kyushu KiHa 200 class DMU. The model is now available in 4 different liveries and has Tomix 'TN' couplers factory-fitted. The drive unit is also from Tomix.

Green Max KiHa 200 DMU, JR Kyushu red livery.

The Japanese love their mobile phones, many people in Japan have one like this man, with a built-in camera. Data services like 'I-mode' are very popular in Japan and enable you to send the picture to other mobile phone users or an e-mail address. Phones like this all have a small colour screen. Sending and receiving e-mail and other messages is a normal feature. The built-in camera is capable of taking snapshots of about 640x480 pixels.

Text by Mark Veneman

Photos by Dave Fossett

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