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Apart from the operating models in N and H0 scales there are also plastic loco kits available. These kits are not meant as running models, but are finely detailed static models, meant for display only. Some kits are made in slightly varying scales as 1:45 and 1:43, representing European 0-scale.

These kits are made by only a few manufacturers, all with their origins in the plastic kit industry.

Best known is Ohtaki, now again available under the Arii brand, other manufacturers are Aoshima, Bandai and Fujimi, most kits are models of steam locomotives, but Aoshima did a range of electric models. Ohtaki made kits of matching freight wagons.

The Ohtaki range

Below are images of the Ohtaki steam loco kit range. When assembled, these kits make impressive models.

Ohtaki 9600 class freight loco

Ohtaki C51 express loco

Ohtaki C53 3-cylinder express loco

Ohtaki C57 class express loco

Ohtaki C62 class express loco, note: 4-6-4 wheel arrangment. The C62's were Japan's largest express locomotives

D51 class multi-purpose locomotive, the most numerous class in Japan. This is a later variety with a small dome casing covering the steam dome and sandboxes.

Again a D51, this is the original version with 'slug' dome casing, extending from the chimney to the rearmost dome.

Last in the Ohtaki range is this E10 class tank loco. It was the most powerful loco, purpose-built for 'banking' or 'helper' operations.

Aoshima range

Aoshima made a smaller range of electric locos. The detailing is a bit coarser than Ohtaki, but hardly noticeable after a good paint job.

EF18 class electric freight loco

EF58 express loco. This particular loco was allocated for running the Japanese Royal Train. Two locos, EF58 60 and EF58 61 had extra aluminium trim

Again EF58 60

EF60 class multi-purpose electric. This class, like many in Japan, has a Bo-Bo-Bo wheel arrangment.

Another EF60

EH10 class freght loco, a two-unit loco with a Bo-Bo+Bo-Bo wheel arrangment. The livery is unique for the EH10 class.

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