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Brass is a material that is used by artists and craftsmen in Japan and other Asian countries for a long time. These tradtional craftsmen used brass for many diiferent products, usually for decoration or worship. Brass has many advantages, it does not rust, is relatively easy to work with and with the use of the right techniques it can have a very 'lacy' appearance. No doubt that when interest in railway models developed, brass was the right material to make small batches of models from. Even up to the present day Japanese craftsmen are building small numbers of railway models, in a variety of scales, but Japanese HO-scale (1:80) is the most popular scale. Other models are made in N-scale, 1:87 European HO scale on 12 or 13 mm track and larger scales. All brass models are handmade and you have to pay for that! Most brass models are rather expensive, just because of all the handywork involved. You can save money by buying a kit and do the assembly and painting yourself. Some manufacturers offer brass kits.


linkrink Links to brass and small-scale model manufacturers.

Warning! All pages are in Japanese only.

The JMRA is an organisation of brass-model manufacturers. On the front page there are many links to its members.

World Kogei makes brass locomotives in N-scale. Kits are available.

KTM offers HO-scale models, together with a track system and controllers.

Endo offers a range of HO-scale models, possibly some N-scale models are available.

Tenshodo may be the best-known name for Japanese brass models. It is no coincidence that this company also sells jewelry!

Aalcraft is a small operation which has some destinctive Japanese interurbans.

Musashino offers modern-image models, including a EH500 in HO-scale.

Modellbahn, despite its German name, the operation purely Japanese, specialised in trams, both Japanese and European.

Fomras Modelsis one of the better-known manufacturers. They offer a few US and European models besides of their Japanese range.

Models IMON is a narrow-gauge specialist.

King's Hobby offers period N-scale brass models.

Again a German name for a Japanese company, Modellwagenoffers narrow-gauge models in HOe (HO 2 1/2).

Modelnics offer ride-on models for use in amusement parks or very large gardens.

K's Worksoffer detailing parts and kits. All N-scale.

Shinkasha offer kits, detail parts and decals for freight cars and containers.

Platz Hobby offer kits and detailing parts, decals etc.

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