Endo is a manufacturer of brass ready-to-run models and a good source of models for those who have their main interest in the private railways of Japan. The Endo range includes many private railway EMU's, along with some JR stock.

Endo's models normally use a Tomix or Green Max chassis that carries a brass superstructure. Detail is not at the level of Kato or Tomix, but Endo models are hand-made of brass and only a bit more expensive than the models made by Kato and Tomix. Detail is a bit coarser than with the mass-made plastic models, distance between vehicles is wider and there are no front and rear lights.

Keihan EMU by Endo

The model pictured above is typical for Endo. It depicts a Keihan Electric Railway EMU, that normaaly runs between Kyoto and Osaka. The Keihan Electric Railway took its name from the first characters of both Kyoto (Kei, alternative reading for "Kyo") and Osaka (Han, alternative reading for "O", meaning big). Thsi is only to understand if you know the Japanese characters for both Kyoto and Osaka. The Keihan model is an express train of the 1970's. These still run today, but have handed over top-rank duties to newer trains, that include double-deck cars. A special service of the Keihan Railway are the 'TV-cars', in which TV sets are place under the ceiling, just to entertain the passengers. This service is offered since 1954! Normally there are 2 TV-cars in each express train.

Endo also offers models of the Kinki Nippon Railway, again a Osaka-based operation, the Hankyu, a direct competitor of the Keihan, as it has a parallel route to the Keihan Osaka-Kyoto line and many more.

Nowadays, Endo have moved 'one size up' and are now concentrating on 1:80 scale HO products. See the Endo Website for details. Just click on the logo at the top of this page.

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