Micro Ace now is one of Japan's most active manuafucters. Their range expands rapidly with new models added almost every month. Although Micro Ace is well known for their steam locos, more modern rolling stock now forms a significant part of the Micro Ace range.

The Micro Ace range

The range has become very wide in just a few years time. Micro Ace still has a wide selection of steam locomotive models, but more modern rolling stock has been added, although many of the items offered have a strong 'days gone by' image.

The C59's

A class C59 in N-scale by Micro Ace

The C59 class was built from 1941 onwards and was a 3 cylinder express loco, 173 have been built, 3 are preserved, sadly none in running condition, from 1951 47 locos had the pony truck under the firebox replaced by a bogie, thus becoming the C60 class. None of these converted machines is preserved.
As you can see, the detailing is very nice, with seperate handrails and pipework, the motor is mounted in the cab and is very smooth and powerful. The C59 is available in several varieties
Unlike other Japanese loco models, Micro Ace models come with their numbers already fitted. The following C59's are available: C59-42, all black, coal fired, 'Asakaze' headboard, C59-164, black with with line on footplate edge, 'Aki' headboard, C59-124, all black, 'Mizuho' headboard, C59-127, black with white line on footplate edge, oil fired with 'Sakura' headboard.

. An oil-fired C59 by Micro Ace.

The C60 class is a 4-6-4 locomotive based on the same chassis as the C59 4-6-2, instead of the pony truck there is a short 4 wheel bogie. Available numbers are C60-101 in all over black and C60-7 in the more attractive white-lined livery.

The D51's

The D51 class is Japan's most numerous steam locomotive, 1115 were built since 1936, nowadays 147 are preserved, as far as my knowledge reaches only D51 498 is in operating condition, all others are plinthed.
The D51 class is one of the Japanese locos that have been used outside Japan during and after the 2nd world war. D51's have been used in Taiwan, Thailand and other Asian countries.

The Micro Ace D51 models is again nicely detailed and comes in a number of varieties.

D51 498 in 1:150 scale by Micro Ace

Available models are: D51 498, the preserved one, running steam excursions between Takasaki and Minakami, D51 750 in the white lined livery and with a spark arrestor fitted to the chimney, D51 78, all over black with 'superslug' dome casing, extending from the chimney and covering all domes and sandboxes etc., D51 51, again a 'superslug', but this time in the white-lined livery.

The preserved D51 498 on a steam excursion.

The D61 class is again a conversion, this time from the D51 class. An unknown number have been built, at least 3 survived. The numbers available from Micro Ace are D61 1 in all over black and D61 3 in the white-lined livery.

Micro Ace diesel and electric locos

Micro Ace now offer models of electric and diesel locos. Micro Ace seems to have a good taste for the unusal, as many of their models are not made by other manufacturers. Only the EF64 electric and the DD13 and DE10 diesels are 'doubles', but again Micro Ace makes varieties not offered by other manufacturers. Newer electric locomotive models have a flywheel drive, but the flywheel effect seems to be not very effective. Announced are the ED77, ED73 electrics and the DD50 twin-unit diesel.

Micro Ace diesel and electric multiple units

Micor Ace offers a wide variety of multiple units, both diesel and electric varieties. A choice of very modern and older units is available, Micro Ace concentrates on models tha are not made by other manufacturers and models of those trains that run in the more remote parts of Japan. Most spectacular units are the 215 10-car double-deck electric MU and the new 281 and 283 diesels.


Micro Ace is now rapidly expanding their range. Many new models are to be released. Not just steam locos, but also electric and diesel locos, together with a range of various EMU's and DMU's. Please have a look at the Micro Ace webpage. (click on logo at the top of this page).

Important! Micro Ace make thier models in batches, re-runs are rare. I advise you to order your desired models as soon as possible so that your retailer can reserve a model for you. See link below for a thouroughly recommended retailer.

Micro Ace products are available from Japan Model Railways.

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