Nakasei only made models from earlier period railway vehicles. Apart from wide range of steam locomotives, all made of brass, there is a range of coaches. All models represent the period from 1930 to about 1955. Coaches available are both branch-line and main-line designs. the branchline coaches differ from the mainline ones in combining facilties, lets say 3rd class, 2nd class and a baggage room in one coach. Mainline coaches are normally dedicated to one task.

  Nakasei steam loco

As you can see, Nakasei models are well detailed, at the moment of writing I have no information on the running qualities of them, as I do not own one, and I even do not know someone who owns a Nakasei loco model. Judging from the picture, the loco has a tender drive, with the motor mounted in the tender and driving the tender wheels.

  Nakasei baggage coach

This model is a typical Nakasei coach. The model is made of plastic and well detailed. It is pictures larger than actual size if you have a 17" screen at 1280 x 1024 pixels. Judge for yourself! All Nakasei coaches are kits that you have to assmble yourself. Judging from a picture in Neko Publishing's N-scale book, assembly should not be too hard.

  Nakasei First class coach.

This coach depicts a first class coach as used by JNR just after WW2. The stripe indicates the coach as a first-class coach. 2nd class coaches had a different colour stripe and 3rd class coaches had no stripe. As you can see, Japanese railway vehicle design closely followed American practice in thse days. Today the Japanese had deveoped themselves as leaders in railway vehicle design.

** As far as I know this company went out of business **

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