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Text Model is a relatively new name in the Japanese model train scene. TexT Model has a strong relationship with Tokyo-do. At the moment the TexT range is limited to a variety of book cases to store boxless models, TexT has announced a few exiting models in Japanese N-scale ( 1:150 ).

ball1.     JR West 419 3-car EMU. These units are used for slower services on the Hokuriku mainline. The prototypes are rebuilt 583 sleeper EMUs, the model has the same makeshift appearance as the prototype. Not a beauty but full of character. The model has a few features that are new for EMU models, such as a flywheel-drive mechanism and factory-fitted 'click' couplers. Two liveries are announced: the older all-over red with white band and the new white with sky blue bands.
Artist's impressision of the TexT Model flywheel drive MU mechanism. (Image by TexT Model)

ball2.    JR East 715 4-car EMU. Again a rebuilt 583 class sleeper EMU, the model has the same features as the 419 class, but has an extra car added, as per the JR East 715 class. Livery is cream with dark green band.

ball3.    Odakyu EXE 30000 class EMU. One of Odakyu's express trains. This train comes in a metallic green livery and depicts the latest Odakyu express train.

Unfortunately, TexT Model has serious problems to get the production of their models started. Samples were well received by the Japanese modelling magazines, in Summer 2002, but have yet to make their way to the shops.

Finally, TexT has announced that the models of the 419 and 715 class EMUs will be available in April 2004. A very unusual delay of some 2 years!

** This manufacturer have closed their activities **

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