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World Kogei is a manufacturer of N-scale brass kits, some of which are also available assembled and painted. For a brass kit these models are relatively easy to build, but they all require soldering expirience and the use of some special modelling tools and skills.

Most loco models use a Tomix or Kato chassis so chassis building is not necessary and it solves the hardest part of building a good running model. Though, some loco kits have their own chassis, which is included in the kit.

  World Kogei loco chassis

As you can see, the pictured chassis uses a belt drive to drive one of the axles in the bogie, other axles are driven by gears from the belt-driven axle. The whole construction is not an example of modern loco chassis construction. Newer models use a Tomix or Kato chassis, for both convenience and quality.

  World Kogei EF50 class electric loco.

This particular class is one of the first electric passenger locomotives used in Japan. The prototype was built in England by English Electric in 1924. They were quite powerful for those days with a total output of 1830 hp. Max. speed was 60 mph. Braking was a combination of air brakes for the loco and vacuum brakes for the train. This might be converted later to a full air brake system, for both loco and train.

World Kogei etch plate.

Etched brass kits come on frets as shown above. The modeller needs to cut out the parts, fold them where needed and solder them together to build up the model. If you take a close look at the fret, you can already see which part will be for the underframe, pony trucks and superstructure. Building brass models is certainly not for beginners, but one has to be your first one. At the moment I have not reached the stage of building brass models.

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