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yrmark Track

pecologo Japanese model trains run great on Peco track. Peco also makes useful accessories, although not typically Japanese, I thought these products are too useful not to mention. Peco makes excellent model railway track for nearly all popular modelling scales, including narrow gauges. There is also a German Peco page.

atlaslogo Atlas offers N-scale track in both code 55 and the classical code 83 cross-section and US-prototype locos. wagons and structures.

yrmark Controls and electronics

mrc Model Rectifier Corporation has a large range of model railway control equipment, for all scales including G-scale, AC (Lionel) powered trains and DCC.

Viessmann offers a whole range of electronic and electric products, German-style catenary and signals and a range of very nice trees. DCC and Selectrix decoders for locos and accessories are also supplied.

Uhlenbrock offers a whole range of electronics, including DCC equipment. New is the 'Lissy' address feedback system, which uses infra-red light. German language.

yrmark Heathcote Electronics offer a range of electronic accessories like train detectors (infra-red reflection technology!), automatic stops etc.

Richmond Controls offer special lighting products, including several types of white LEDs, like 'golden white', 'sunny white' and 'warm white' versions. Most products are aimed at N-scale modellers.

yrmark The 'whispering point motor', basically a R/C modelling servo and some additional electronics. German language. Other electronic circuits are also available. Worth mentioning is the DCC point control system.

yr Signals, suitable for a japanese-outline layout

yr Brelec from Belgium offers lighting kits with warm-white LEDs.

yr mafen Mafen from Spain offfer a wide variety of signals,includsing Dutch, German, Swiss and Spanish signals, and more to come! Catenrary supplies are also offered..

yr Integrated Signal Systems offer US-style signals and matching control electronics.

yr CR Signals offer UK-prototype colour-light signals, including mounting kits to convert the Ratio signal gantry. They also offer a PRR position light signal, which looks similar to the japanese 'repeater' signal.

yr Lights, structures and scenery products

Brawa, from Germany offers lights, electric accessories and working trolleybuses, funiculars and ropeways.

yr anita Anita Decor makes trees, tree kits, foliage and scatter materials, adhesives annd paints and lots more...

yrmark er decor ER Decor makes a lightweight sculpting mass, without plaster! Easy to use, great results and re-usable! Multi-lingual (english, dutch, french, german, spanish, italian). UK distributor is Tasma Products. Lots of other scenery products too.

Heki offers a wide range of scenic products, plus a modular conrtol panel system. German language.

 woodland Woodland Scenics offer a complete quality range of scenic products.

yr wws War World Scenics has it's origins in military modelling.WWScenics offer a wide range of scenic products, including static grass and static grass applicators.

Busch makes a range of scenic products, German-style signals as well as model cars and even a UFO!

Noch offers a range of scenic products, tennis court, barges and tugs, tunnel mouths etc. Noch is one of Kato's didtributors for Germany.

Artitec from Amsterdam offer very detailed resin kits for structures, ships and some military vehicles in H0 and N scales. Artitec also work on the mega project remembering 400 years of the VOC (Dutch United East India Company)

Faller from Germany may be the world's best-known manufacturer of scenic products. Only very few of their structures would be suitable for a Japanese-prototype layout.

Simonmodel, a manufacturer from Hong Kong offers architectural models, model trees and ground foam.

yr Airbrushes, brushes and paints.

yr Airbrush Services Almere Airbrush Services Almere - the place in Holland for all your airbrushing needs.

yr MR-Hobby offer a wide range of high-quality paints, airbrushes and modelling tools. Many suitable colours for those modelling japanese railways. Sold by the shops mentioned above.

yr Modelling materials, adhesives and miscellanous items.

Midwest Products offer wooden craftsman kits and a range of styrene sheets and shapes for scratchbuilding.

Plastruct makes a range of ABS plastic shapes and sheets. You need a special adhesive to glue ABS parts together.

Modellers often need to stick things together, good adhesives and glues are essential.

Olba Products offer a range of superglues and mounting adhesives.

yrmark Evergreen makes a range of styrene sheets and profiles, for building your own structures and whatever...

yr Taskboard is a wood-like material that is very suitable for scratchbuilding houses, viaducts, tunnel mouths etc.

yr maquett Maquett offers profiles, sheets etc. to create your own structures.

yr Sievers Benchwork offer a modular benchwork system, which may speed up your layout building.

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