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Taiwan has an interesting railway system that links the major cities in that are mainly located along the coast. Apart form the standard gauge high-speed line from Taipei to Koahsiung, there are many lines built to japanese gauge (3ft 6in) and the busiest lines are electrified as well. 

Models of Taiwanese trains are made by two manfacturers and are built to (nearly) japanese standards on detailing and mechanics. The biggest range is made by Touch Rail and this range includes diesel and electric locomotives (which look like a smaller version of the Amtrak E60CP) with matching rolling stock. Multiple-unit trains (both electric and diesel) are announced. Touch Rail can also supply track (no turnouts yet) and a controller. Kibu is another manufacturer of Taiwanese model trains. Their range includes the 130 km/h intercity train that has south-african built E1000 class locomotives combined with korean-built coaches. All these models are made to the common japanese 1/150 scale ratio and run on common 9 mm gauge N-scale track. A model of the taiwanese high-speed train was made by Kato.

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