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Modelling trams could be an interesting add-on for your model railway layout or a subject on its own; the choice is yours! When modelling after a japanese prototype you have several options and it's possible to build a convincing japanese tram layout in both HO and N scales. Several manufacturers offer ready-to-run tram models and with a little bashing or some scratchbuilding a lot more is possible.

Advantages of a model tram system:

Disadvantages of a model tram layout: Available products:


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gm trams N-scale trams as offered by Green Max, these can be motorised with a Kato 'Shorty' powered chassis, which just slides in.
Green Max Tram Stop N-scale tram stop by Green Max
tomix tram track points Tomix tram track and paved in points
Hiroshima_N Nagasaki_N Combino trams in N-scale, Hiroshima (left) and Nagasaki (right) as made by Linie 8
Kumamoto HO A Kumamoto ADTranz tram, in HO (1:87) scale, by Linie 8


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