Japanese Railway Sounds

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Japanese trains often have unique whistles and horns. On the stations a wide variety of musical tunes are played to draw attention on the departure of trains or just simple advertising. I put together a selection of my own ( in fact Mr. Anthony Robins' ) recordings and some 'sound links'. - Enjoy them!

Railway sounds on this page are all in the popular and more or less universal MP3 or Real Audio formats. You will need an MP3 or Real Audio player to listen to the sounds. I indicated the type of player you need for each sound file. These sounds can be used for a variety of effects, as startup sounds for your computer or in modelling applications. A Real Audio player can be downloaded for free at Real Audio.

My more or less own recordings are still awaiting processing, please be patient!

linkrink Sound links

I have found a few pages, most in Japanese with many sounds of Japanese trains. Enjoy them! I also listed the language and the player needed.

The Japanese Train Sound Gallery, Real Player needed, Japanese language.

http://melody.pos.to/, many soundbites and tunes from stations all over Japan. Most files are MP3's, so an MP3 player is needed. Highly recommended! Japanese language with some English guidance.

Hatsumelo is a rather new site, loaded with Japanese railway-related sounds. Japanese language.

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