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Well, my name is Mark Veneman. Born in 1964, and a railfan for nearly as long as I can remember. Collecting model trains and running them from time to time from about the age of 6. I started with a Trix Express system in HO scale, but later I changed to N-scale to which I stuck until now. Since about 1991 I collect Japanese outline models, mainly because I wanted an unusual prototype, but with many models available off-the-shelf. The quality and relatively low prices of the Japanese products were one of the deciding factors to change from Continental European (mainly German) outline to Japanese outline. In 1994 I joined the Japanese Railway Society and became co-ordinator for the Netherlands Area Group. Most recent development is 'J-module', a modular model railway project now under development in the Netherlands and Germany.

Your author at the controls of a real Japanese 0 series 'Bullet Train'. July 12th 2001, York, England. One detail is missing, I forgot the white gloves that are usually worn by Japanese railway employees.


For more information on the J-Module project or the Japanese Railway Society, please send me an e-mail message.

Thanks in advance,

Mark Veneman

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