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There are many printed magazines on railways and model railways available. I've listed a few, starting with the Japanese magazines, finishing with two Dutch magazines.

rm logo Rail Magazine and RM Models are two of the finest railway magazines I've ever seen. They are published by Neko Publishing, Japanese language only.

RJlogoTetsudo Journal or the Railway Journal is another Japanese railway magazine, covering the prototype only.

Tetsudo Fan or Railway Fan is the third Japanese magazine that is now on-line.

N-Scale World is a Japanese magazine dedicated to N-scale modelling.

J-Train magazine is from the same publisher but deals with the prototype.

These Japanese websites above are all  in Japanese only!

Model Railroader is a quality American publication, dedicated to railway modelling in general, naturally biased towards US prototypes.

N-Scale Magazine is dedicated to N-scale railway modelling, usually following US-prototypes.

Miba is one of the leading German modelling magazines. German language.

Alba Verlag is a German publisher of many railway books and magazines, fot both hobbyists and professionals. German language.

Rail Hobby is a Dutch railway magazine, covering both modelling and the prototype. Dutch language.

Rail Magazine is another Dutch magazine, again covering both modelling and prototype. More emphasis on the prototype and superb photography characterise this magazine. Dutch language.

Modelspoor Magazine is a Dutch language magazine from Belgium. This magazine usually shows nice modelling projects and demonstrates useful techniques suitable for any scale or prototype.

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