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If you want a large forest on your layout, the method of making trees tant I described in my other tree article is very labour intensive. I have tried a different method which saves you a lot of time modelling simple trees. When planted closely together, the trees do not have to be super-detailed, a good impression of a group of trees will be good enough. The results of this quick method are not as good as the method with te metal-wire based trees, but certainly look good, at least when planted closely together in large groups.

What you need

-    Dried plants, available from model shops or for free from your garden or just along the road.
-    A pair of scissors
-    Leaf material (Woodland Scenics' 'turf' or equivalent
-    Hairspray or matte medium
-    Clamps

There are only two steps to make these quick trees:

Firstly: Cut the dried plant to the desired shape with the scissors. For an idea of the shapes, see the picture below.

Secondly: Spray the cut and dried plant with hairspray or matte medium  and immediately apply the leaf material. Work above a sheet of paper and save the excess leaf material for later use. Then finish your tree by applying a second spray with hairspray or matte medium. Let you tree dry, by hanging them on a line, jsut like the washing.

Using this method you can make a dozen or so trees in 15 minutes, when you gain a little expirience.

Tree silhouettes to assist you in modelling trees.

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