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The Japanese Railway Society is an international society which caters for those with interest in Japanese railways. No need to explain that I am a member of this society.

yrmark Living in or nearby Washington D.C.? Then the Japan Rail Modelers may be a club that suits you.

Trainwww from Japan, not actually a club, but loaded with superb pictures on Japanese railways. There is also a Japanese railway mailing list in English. You can subscribe via these pages. Although most pages are in Japanese I can recommend a visit to these pages!

jam logo The JAM is an organisation that promotes railway modelling in Japan. They organise the annual JAM convention.

jmra The JMRA caters for the model railway manufacturers' interest. Links to many small manufacturers. Japanese language

Byun Byun Shinkansen - All about the Japanese High-speed trains. Recommended!

Naraba is a good source for new releases by the Japanese manuafacturers, Japanese only, IE 5.x with multi-language support recommended! English-language pages now under construction. You can put your wishes towards the manufacturers! Unfortunately this site got rather quiet recently and is now not regularly updated.

RP Network from Japan, lots of pictures of Japanese trains, Japanese language only

The Nagoya Model railway club have their own website. This site gives a good impression of how the Japanese are dealing with the space problem.

Doug Coster from Australia is one of the few outside Japan who have built a Japanese outline layout.

Tabuchi Yoji is one of Japan's finest railway modelers, look here to see what is possible in limited space.

Lots of railway pictures can be found at "K-Waka", an amateur photographer, specialised in railway photos. Pages are in Japanese only.

Ichiban is one of the few Japanese sites with texts in English. The photography is also very nice.Highly recommended! There is now a screensaver to download! No need to say that it shows trains on your screen.

Mr. Hamada has a very nice photo and video page. Not only railway photgraphs and some downloadable video clips, but also nature, aircraft and the rebuilding of Mr. Hamada's home in Kumamoto, Japan. Recommended!

There is also a nice page in French, set up by a French enthousiast. Nice railway sounds to be found over here. .

Need information about travelling in Japan? Look here and no further.

A Japanese finescaler is Morii Katano.

Interested in modern Japanese freight trains? This container page shows many different Japanese containers, as used by JR Freight. Unfortunaly only in Japanese.

Beautiful side-view drawings of many japanese locos, multiple units, passenger and freight cars can be found at Aki44

 I Love Switchback is a page dedicated to the switchback operations in the mountainous areas of Japan; these have a very nice modelling potential.. Highly recommended!

Still not tired of watching Japanese trains? Well, here's a directory with many more Japanese railway sites.

aim Huib Maaskant has built 2 different H0-scale layouts, not Japanese outline, but well documented. This site is loaded with lots of information of railway modelling in general and digital command control in particular. Now there's a report on an 0-scale layout as well.

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