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In this section you can find links to clubs, magazines, railway companies and rolling stock manufacturers and individual modellers' websites.

The Japanese Railway Society

Is a club that is set up to exchange experience, meet people with similar interests and to promote Japan's Railways. No surprise that I am a member of this club.

yrmark miniworld Miniworld Rotterdam is an indoor model railway display under construction in Rotterdam. It will be open to the public from January 2007.

Railway and model railway magazines.

In Japan, railfanning and railway modelling are popular hobbies. It is no wonder that there are magazines that cater for these interests. As far as I know there are only two Japanese magazines represented on the Web. I also selected several other railway and model railway magazines.

Links to other Japanese railways and railway organisations.

There are quite a few Websites around, dedicated to Japanese railways. These sites can be made by the railway companies, professional journalists and railfans. This page lists a number of interesting sites.

Links to Clubs and individuals' pages with Japanese railway interest.

In and outside Japan there are many clubs and individuals who have set up websites showing their interest. I made a selection, as there are far too many to list. I included a directory site for further reading.

Japanese Railway Sounds

In Japan the railways use many jingles to make it their passengers easier to find their train. There are 3 links to various sites with 'Railway music'.

The author of these pages

Introduction of the author (me!) and why and how I made these pages. Includes disclaimer and contact details.

yr Other interests

Trains are not my only interest. I have interests in local history, music and hifi as well. Below are some links, most of them are in the Dutch language.

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