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These are 'the hard bits', as Tomix uses a different coupler pocket than other Japanese manufacturers, which is also mounted rather low. With care most Tomix models can be converted to MT couplers. My most sincere thanks go to Phil Hendry and Garth Hamilton, as they provided me very useful information on conversions I have not done until now.
As on the other pages, I will give a few examples that are typical for the Tomix range.

Tomix passenger coach 'Suhanefu 14'

-     Tomix catalogue ref. 2522
-     MT coupler used MT #1026
-     Mounting: body mount, suitable for wider curves (30 cm or 12 inches and larger)
-    Skill level: advanced

Tomix bogie freight wagons

-    Tomix catalogue ref. Various, Shiki 1000 is ref. 2773
-    MT coupler used: MT #1129
-    Mounting: bogie
-    Skill level: advanced

Tomix container wagons

-    Tomix catalogue ref. 92135 (Koki 102/103 4-car set)
-    MT coupler used: MT #1015
-    Mountng: body
-    conversion by: Phil Hendry
-    Skill level: easy

Tomix Locomotives

EF81 Electric Locomotive by Phil Hendry

ED61 and ED62 Electric locomotives by Phil Hendry

ED62, EF81 and EH500 electric locomotives by Clement Poon

DE10 diesel by Matthew Davis

Both conversions are relatively easy, precluded that you already have some experience, the DE10 conversion is a little more complicated.

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